Changes due to COVID-19

ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19 our standard turnaround times are longer than usual. All orders will be processed in the order in which they are received. We are working diligently to ensure your order gets to you as soon as possible.

What used to take two weeks (at most) is now taking a bit longer because of the current state of our world. Longer turnaround times will be the temporary "standard" until things get to some sense of normalcy.⠀

Should you decide not to purchase at this time because you wish not to wait as long, it's fine; it's all love and I still appreciate you. ⠀

Should you decide to make a purchase, keep in mind it may take a bit to get to you, but once you receive your purchase, it'll be well worth the wait.⠀

Thank you for your understanding during this time. And as always, thanks for rocking with Sweet Expreshunz. ⠀

Brandi Michelle 🖤