It's Gonna Take a Miracle - Ebook (Instant Download)

It's Gonna Take a Miracle - Ebook (Instant Download)

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The Lantime Fourgot Projects is no place to raise a family; the brick and mortar prison is full of prostitutes, drug slingers, murderers, and gangs. The atmosphere isn't the ideal environment to live in but, for some people with low income, they have no choice but to take residency within those walls.


The Taylor family falls into this category.


Sisters Monet and April have seen more pain and dealt with more strife in their young lives than any adult twice their age. After witnessing their father being murdered in cold blood right before their eyes, while returning home from work, their mother has done everything within her power to make sure her daughters don't get caught up in the streetlife. Because of her diligence and faith, she's succeeded in one respect. April never had a run in with the law, is in the top percentile in her high school class and is already focusing on where she'll be attending college.

Now, Monet is a different story.

While April tries her best to stay on the straight and narrow, Monet, on the other hand, prefers to take the wide, more traveled path. She quickly becomes the rebellious, bad seed of the family. Ever since her father's death she's been on a road of destruction; not caring about whom she hurts along the way. She begins running with, and building relationships, with the wrong crowd. Monet doesn't fear anything and that's what scares her mother the most.

Monet's mother prays something or someone will make her change her ways before it's too late. Will her prayer be answered in time?